Hygiene is basic requirement for any individual and Gurbax brings a wide range of Household and Hygiene products under its group to make sure that a proper health is maintained in and around our surroundings.

There have been numerous cleaning industry studies that reflect the fact that few washroom users enjoy the level of hygiene and comfort they would like and have come to expect. Whether employees or visitors, poor washroom facilities are often interpreted as an indication of the way leaders manage the overall business.

Cleaning chemicals must be kept in a ventilated, designated store with restricted access. The store must be bundled or have bundled pallets to contain spillages. For safety reasons, chemicals must be stored separately to prevent accidental mixing e.g. acids/chlorine based chemicals.

Technical Concepts is pioneering advancements in soap dispensing technology to provide touch-free systems that eliminates the danger of cross contamination by providing reliable dispensing methods that encourages frequent hand washing.

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